Style Icon: Jamie from Vinyl

My brother got me into watching Vinyl – a new series produced by Michael Scorsese and Mick Jagger about a record company in 1970s New York. I’m a sucker for anything vintage, and I wish I had lived through the 70s purely for the sex drugs and rock n’ roll music scene and funky clothing. But, alas, I was a 90s baby, so watching this show is about the closest I’ll get to living that era.

Jamie Vine is by far my favourite character: played by Juno Temple, she rocks the huge frizzy hair and sassy ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ attitude. Every episode I find myself lusting over her chic wardrobe; an array of flares, bold colours and statement boots so typical of that decade. She’s so cool it hurts.

The power of an LBD is so underrated, it’s the most simple staple outfit ever but wins every time.They suit everyone and the styling possibilities are endless – but teaming it with a slice of pizza takes the ‘cool girl’ look to the next level. I also need THAT suede dress in my life. Nuff’ said.

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image4xxl                    image4xxl (1)



I love the clash pattern of this dress combined with biker boots and the effortless style it gives off. (But then again anything looks good next to James Jagger..he’s definitely the eye candy of the series). Puffy sleeves are a simple way to jazz up any outfit, and the quirky antique-esque jewellery adds to the laid back look. Her hippie vibes can be channelled for festival season and beyond – I always try and incorporate some bohemian aspect into my outfits, whether it’s a full on dress or some funky socks or layered necklaces.

Seriously crushing on the psychedelic pattern of this dress (left) right now, and the cute retro style of the little black and pink number.

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kimchi-blue-meghan-jelly-blouse-assorted-0090                         image1xxl

Apart from Juno, I’m obsessed with the music in the show. Every electric episode is an addictive 60 minutes of new and old artists smashing it with rock music, including the likes of Royal Blood, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Also, Mick Jagger’s pretty cool son James Jagger features as the lead singer of band ‘Nasty Bits’ in the show (so… you know, you should probably check it out…).

Top music picks:

Royal Blood – Where are you now?

Iggy Pop – I dig your mind

David Johansen – Personality Crisis

Kaleo – No Good

David Bowie – Suffragette City 

Nasty Bits – Rotten Apple 

(All images not my own)

Peace x

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