Sweater Weather ft. new Docs

BOOTS: Dr Martens from depop 


NOSE RING: Claire’s // EARRINGS: Urban Outfitters
JUMPER: h&m // DRESS: Urban Outfitters // WATCH: Urban Outfitters



BACKPACK: Helix vintage from a festival // RING: Vintage

As soon as the sun comes out I have one priority = beer gardens. Even though it’s still pretty chilly I won’t let the temperature ruin my commitment to pubbing it outside. There’s nothing better than chilling with some mates at our local with a pint of anything ice cold (and alcoholic) and pretending that it’s almost summer. In solution to the non-summery weather I usually just throw a jumper over a caj dress with tights and hope for the best! I’ve been lusting after this mustardy jumper from H&M for ages and finally treated myself to it when I came back to Nottingham after the Easter break.

My favourite new edition to my wardrobe, though, are these matte Dr Martens boots. I’m obsessed with Depop at the moment, and they were a steal at £55! They go with pretty much anything but I’m literally tearing my feat apart trying to wear them in so I’m praying it’ll be worth it in the end.

Music wise, my flatmate has recently introduced me to Tame Impala and I haven’t stopped listening to them since. My favourites are ‘Half Full Glass of Wine’ and from their latest album Currents ‘The Less I Know the Better.’

Photo cred to Chloe and Jess.

Peace x

One thought on “Sweater Weather ft. new Docs

  1. Tame Impala is just soooooo good right?! Love the outfit by the way, the yellow sweater brings out the spring spirit! xxx


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