Spring Stripes

HAT: Oasis // SHIRT DRESS: Primark // BOOTS: Office


WATCH: Urban Outfitters // RING: Vintage // COAT: Primark









SATCHEL: vintage

Today I took a trip to Wollaton Park aka Wayne Manor (where Batman is partially filmed). This is part of an attempt from my flatmates and I to explore Nottingham a bit more since we’ve been living here almost 6 months and haven’t really branched out further than our uni, halls of residence and the city centre. Aside from the picturesque grounds, which look rather out of place in Nottingham, there were some deer, a museum and a tea room.

It’s hard to believe that another term is nearly over and that soon enough I’ll be moving into my house for second year. Although I can’t wait to have a double bed and a garden and not have to share a kitchen with 12 other people, I’d give anything to go back to freshers week and do it all over again. The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur but I must be doing something right as by some miracle I got 2:1s in my first 2 summative assignments! Currently, though, my life is consumed by the constant temptation to go out followed by the reminder that I’m too poor and have too much uni work to get done. That being said, first year doesn’t count…

p.s thanks to my flatmate Rhi for being my photographer

Peace x




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