Why records are the best







I love anything retro, so it’s fair to say that a Crosley Cruiser is my best Christmas present yet. Record players have made a big comeback and having one feels like I’ve been transported back to the 60s.

The sound quality is way better than anything you can get on your iPod or laptop – it’s a more raw and unprocessed form of music. Record players have a vintage aspect to them and add more interest to a room than a docking station. PLUS I’ve had so much fun already collecting vinyls because the excitement beats buying a CD or just downloading track from iTunes. You are actually forced to leave your room and scour vintage music shops to find a bargain (although if you’re really not feeling it you can obviously order online…).

My best buys so far have definitely been Jake Bugg, Shangri La and Blur at £10 each. I’m also obsessed with Amy Winehouse, so was ecstatic when I found Back to Black for £15. I always put my Eva Cassidy record on when I’m *trying* to do uni work because it’s the best chill out album ever.

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