The Vaccines in Nottingham

Renowned for hits like ‘If you wanna’ and ‘Post break-up sex,’ the indie rock band play the Capital FM Arena after releasing their new album, English Graffiti.

With a distinct sound that has attracted fans across the world and two previous successful albums – What did you expect from the Vaccines? (2011) and Come of Age (2012) the Vaccines have done it again with their 2015 album and UK tour. The album features 14 new tracks including ‘Dream Lover’ and ‘Handsome’ and is way more chilled out and grungy than their previous upbeat releases.

Palma Violets were the second support act, providing an intense transition between the first band prior to them and the rocky vibes of the vaccines. Their set was slightly underrated as they played while the venue was still filling up, meaning they were not appreciated at their full potential and their trance-like, croaky voiced genius was lost in the echoing arena.

Palma Violets support

The huge white sheet behind the Palma Violets’ small banner featuring a painted PV was dropped to reveal a Chinese themed set of luminous red lanterns. This matches the oriental theme The Vaccines have ingrained into their new album, with high, floaty vocals and twangy beats. The red lighting was a staple colour throughout the band’s set, but for most choruses’ a moving disco ball projected flashes of silver across the entire room in a space-like nod to the band’s intergalactic music videos (including ‘Dream Lover’ and ‘Minimal Affection.’) Multi-coloured confetti was also strewn across the floor of the arena towards the end of the gig.

The Vaccines


Despite English Graffiti being the focus of the tour, the band weren’t afraid to play their most famous oldest hits to please the hyped-up crowd. Classics like ‘Wetsuit’ were ultimately popular while the newest hits also sparked up excitement from the crowd. English Graffiti hit number one on the Official UK Vinyl Chart in June, so it’s no wonder their performance was so ecstatic, with the four members constantly rotating and spinning around the stage.

They saved arguably the best until last, with lead vocalist Justin Young saying, “I think you know what’s coming…” before they ended the set with Norgaard, sending the audience into a frenzy of screams and moshpits.


The Vaccines

Set List

  1. Handsome
  2. Teenage Icon
  3. Ghost Town
  4. Dream Lover
  5. Wetsuit
  6.  Minimal Affection
  7.  Tiger Blood
  8. Wolf Pack
  9. Bad Mood
  10.  Post Break-Up Sex
  11.  Melody Calling
  12.  Want you so bad
  13.  Give me a sign
  14.  Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
  15.  20/20
  16. I Always Knew
  17.  If you Wanna
  18.  All in White


  1. No Hope
  2. Blow Your Mind
  3. Norgaard


The Vaccines formed in West London in 2010 when Justin Young (lead vocals and guitar), Freddie Cowan (lead guitar), Arni Arnason (bass) and Pete Robertson (drums) came together.

You can visit The Vaccines website here for more information and tour dates.



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