Dungarees and stripes

DUNGAREES: Topshop // STRIPED TOP: Zara // TRAINERS: New Balance



WATCH: Urban Outfitters


It’s this time of year I start getting bored of rotating jumpers, jeans and boots but lack other outfit ideas. Especially since moving to Nottingham and having to commute a 20 minute walk to uni every day, outfits have to be practical and warm. Dungarees are so easy to throw on with anything and they’re comfy for a day in the city. I’m obsessed with stripes, so if I’m wearing plain bottoms I’ll usually pair them with a stripy top.

I’m studying broadcast journalism at Nottingham Trent University, and coming from living in a small town in Wales to experiencing city life has been amazing. I’ve almost finished my first term, and aside from the education and enjoying the challenges that my course has thrown at me already, I’m in love with the social life. Exploring the city and meeting new people has definitely been one of the best aspects of the last few months, and the nightlife in Notts definitely lives up to its reputation! People are more adventurous with their style in cities too, so it’s been fun experimenting with my style a bit more and wearing clothes that you couldn’t get away with in Brecon. It’s also been weird leaving 14 years of wearing school uniform behind and having to decide what to wear every day but it’s been a good excuse to try out the shops and to mix up outfits a bit more.

As much as I’ve loved being in Nottingham and adjusting to university life I’m excited to go home for a breather over Christmas and prepare for another crazy term.

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