The 1975 in Nottingham


After the success of their self-titled debut album and the announcement that their second album is due to be released in February, it’s no surprise that the queue outside Rock City on Friday night trailed all the way up Talbot Street.

The electric atmosphere spread before fans had even entered the venue. You only had to walk past the girls sporting The 1975 t-shirts to feel their contagious excitement in anticipation of seeing the Manchester quartet who have been subtly making a name for themselves in the indie/alternative music scene.

I first saw The 1975 at Reading Festival in 2014 without knowing much about them or their music, but surrounded by screaming teenage girls I soon realised what the fuss was about. To the point where I got jealous when Matty Healy invited a little girl onto the stage and started singing to her. I instantly bought their album and would listen to it constantly.

I felt I didn’t really appreciate seeing them properly that first time, as I wasn’t really a fan, so I wanted to buy tickets to see them in Notts where I knew I would be studying at uni.

Rat Boy support
Rat Boy support

Enthusiasm grew during Rat Boy, (you can get to their twitter page here) the support act, who put on a surprisingly upbeat and energetic performance in contrast with their unusual name. With a sound similar to that of fellow indie/alternative singer Jamie T, the band’s random techno effects and jumpy beats provoked the lively audience buzz to crescendo.

By the time The 1975 finally appeared on stage, accompanied by floaty background music which was gradually building momentum, the crowd were screaming, hit with the realisation that Matty Healy was actually on the stage in front of them. The lead vocalist, known for his mysterious allure which perfectly matches his entrancing, wiry voice, was dressed in his trademark suit jacket with no shirt underneath, revealing his tattoos.

1975 good pic
The 1975

The 1975 kicked off their hypnotic set with their newest single ‘Love Me’ which will be featured on their second album due to be released in February of next year. It’s alleged the album will be titled, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. 

The band first appeared on the music scene in 2012, when they were featured on BBC Radio 1 introducing show with Huw Stephens, although they had been friends since a young age and started playing music in 2002, when they were around 15. Their first album, ‘The 1975’ was released on September 2nd 2013, debuting at number one in the UK Albums Chart just 6 days later.

My all time favourite song by The 1975 is Robbers. The lyrics are so intense and relatable, and the music video is so cool (watch it here). Below is a snippet from their set in Nottingham in November 2015 singing Robbers.

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my all time favourite song 💙

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One of the conditions of The 1975 returning on tour was that they got to play Rock City Nottingham again, as it is one of the band’s favourite venues. Matty Healy, lead vocalist, mentioned this as he addressed the ecstatic crowd on Saturday 14th November, informing us that he was happy to be back in Nottingham.

The band released a statement in June along with the news of their full UK tour, which also referenced their love for the venue and explained that the album they are currently working on is, “The beginning of a new chapter for The 1975.” The letter said, “The best way to start is the way we did before – in venues we have loved and places that feel intimate enough to do a proper new show. With people who really want to be there.” This seems to be a part of the band’s mission to properly ‘connect’ with their audience at each gig.



Approximately four hours before their show Matty tweeted from his personal account that an undisclosed visual element was not able to be used in Rock City due to the ‘intimacy’ of the venue, so he said this performance would be specifically about connecting with us instead.

Matty Healy's Tweet
Matty Healy’s Tweet

This aim to genuinely relate with his audience was proven when Matty asked a request when introducing the song ‘me.’ He questioned who had not been to see the band live before and on realising that over half of the crowd had not, he replied with, “this means the only way you possibly could have seen us is on a screen.” So on looking out at the audience all clutching iPhones with record buttons at the ready, he said “so I ask that you don’t watch this song through a screen.”

Matty Healy said during the gig that a lot of bad things are going on in this world, “so we should all be thankful that we’re here,” in reference to the attacks on Paris on Friday 13th November. Their 1975’s new album is set to be out in February, although the band stated they will be releasing singles before then to keep fans satisfied. You can visit their website via this link


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