Uni Room Decor

When moving to uni, admittedly one of the main things I was most excited about was decorating my new room. Since bedrooms in Halls are so small it’s easy to make them feel cosy and homely, and decorating can be really cheap if you know where to look (most of my stuff came from Ebay or Ikea). This means your room can look nice even on a student budget!

Your room is the only really space you’ve got all to yourself when you’re so far away from home and it’s also a direct reflection of your personality, so you want it to be special.

POSTER: wrapping paper from Paperchase

I love lights and the ambience they can bring to a room, so I tried to vary lighting as much as possible with fairy lights and lamps to make it warmer and prettier.

DUVET SET: Ikea // FLUFFY PILLOW: Primark // GREY THROW: Primark



Possibly my favourite thing about my room is my tapestry throw from Ebay. It was about £15 with postage and adds so much colour to my walls. I try to have as many pictures up as I possibly can as well because I love looking around and seeing all my best memories. I use the app Free Prints, available on the App Store on most smart phones, so I can order 45 prints for free each month to add to my collection.

STRING & PEGS: both Tiger

I ran out of space on my notice boards for all my photos so I made a DIY photo hanger to display more.


Having a tidy workspace is essential if I’m likely to do any work, because otherwise I’ll make it into an excuse to procrastinate. So I keep a paper basket to organise any loose work or letters hanging around – it was actually a fruit bowl from Matalan but it looks cute and does the same job! My desk is ugly and red underneath so I decided to cover it with another tapestry to give it a bit of life.

PLANTS: Homebase // ALEXA CHUNG IT: Urban Outfitters

I love having plants because they bring life and colour to any room even though I keep forgetting to water them. I keep a collection of my favourite items on my shelves, like Alexa Chung’s book, IT, and a framed photograph of my trip to the Grand Canyon.

PLANT: Ikea // MAP OF THE WORLD: wrapping paper from Paperchase // PERSIAN RUG: Ikea // MIRROR: Homebase

One of my best friends bought me this rug for my 18th birthday and it distracts attention really well from the ugly blue carpet.

STORAGE BOXES: Matalan // CACTUSES: Homebase// SCRAPBOOK: Paperchase

I’m always on the lookout for things that will fit well in my room, which is pretty easy because it’s really just an eclectic mix of stuff that I like. Vintage stores and charity shops are some of the best places to pick up new ornaments or decorations and Urban Outfitters have lots of quirky furnishings but its always a good idea to wait for their sales! Living in Nottingham is perfect for this because as well as being such an inspiring city aesthetically it’s full of charity and vintage shops.

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